Is Anyone Reading your News Releases?

As the title of this page implies, your news releases may not be receiving the exposure they deserve. 

Why you may ask?

Because there are thousands of news releases distributed each day and yours may be getting lost in the ticker-tape style alerts coming across hundreds of news desks.

So how can you ensure your releases are displayed in the best viewing areas; not only for press to see, but for potential customers to view as well?

BVM has teamed with Marketwired/Nasdaq to help address these often asked questions.  We invite you to view a brief, 20-minute video that explains what happens to a news release when distributed vis-à-vis a wire service and how you can take advantage of new SEO-enhanced news releases to improve exposure.

We know your time is valuable, so we created a brief video designed to convey valuable insights—quickly—so you may consider the options before spending your hard-earned money on news release distribution.  Viewers will learn:

  • The difference between AP and Social Media Web 2.0 distributions
  • How properly coding a news release improves search engine rankings
  • Why adding a video or image is so important
  • How to listen to your news release’s impact