PR-as-a-Service (PRaaS)

Business Interrupted— PR-as-a-Service (PRaaS) Erupted

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all business models, almost all operations took a revenue hit. Exacerbating these declines is a productivity decrease due to a furloughed or stay-at-home workforce.

In-house marketing programs are stretched too thin and declining revenue can’t support traditional PR programs. But you have solutions that are well-positioned to become a “value-add” resource to the pending America 2.0 operations and—the new global business models we are all embarking upon.

What makes the COVID-19 situation surreal is that our worst conceivable business disruptors have come true; this has been the ultimate stress-test to the balance sheet. But let’s face it, there is only so much banana bread we can bake—it’s time to get back to work!

There is a small window of time to get your product or service message out before there is an overwhelming deluge of press covering your area. How can you accomplish a PR launch on a reduced budget? BridgeView Marketing (BVM) has an answer!

Introducing PRaaS

PRaaS is an elegant solution to address PR needs in the wake of constrained budgets. Modeled after successful cloud services such as Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), PRaaS is designed to give you all the advantages of public relations without the heavy burden of paying for media databases, press release distribution and tracking as well as placement monitoring software.

No long-term contracts and flexible, month-to-month fees allow you to engage PR for product launches or announce partnerships and milestones—whatever your needs are—scale up or down the services as required and then turn off when completed. It is a completely new model of on-demand PR-as-a-Service.

Who is BVM?

Formed in 2006 and building up our agency during the last recession of 2008-2009, BVM abolished the traditional expensive PR agency pricing by cutting it in half and doubling the services. Why? Because businesses required it! We kept our costs down by creating a virtual office with a professional work-at-home staff—10 years before corporations realized they could successfully do the same. To support our clients, we brought on a best-of-breed software stack that allows us to place, track, and monitor client press. The net result was the formation of a better PR agency for the right moment in time. We are purpose-built for these challenging environments and today, we are doing it again with PRaaS!

PRaaS offering for tech, data center, energy, and power companies which is $2,500.00 per campaign, includes:

  • 1 Written News Release 
  • 1 News Release Wire Distribution
  • 10 Hours of Pitching of your News to Key Press
  • 1 Coverage and Progress Report
  • Credit Card Only

Our clients are getting attention for their unique services that help during this pandemic and will continue to yield beneficial results as we embark upon America 2.0. Will you be among them?

Data Center Construction

More data storage space is needed as people remain at home due to COVID19. RFP bids on data center projects increased approx 35% YTD, says Michael Perelstein of Rubicon. See

IoT for SmartCities

IoT technologies such as LoRaWAN are proving to be very valuable during COVID19 quarantine. SmartWater runs on Senet’s IoT network to automate water meter reading…no house calls. See


Medtech organizations seek connectivity for IoT sensors. When $30,000 of vaccines were lost due to poor refrigeration, a new LoRaWAN IoT network was installed to enable automated temperature monitoring. See

Networking-Remote Workers

Companies keep business running & employees safe during the COVID19 pandemic with remote work deployments. Ryan Benner, VP Anexinet shares his best practices. See

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