About Us

BVM’s philosophy is quite simple: Our work must contribute to your lead generation by driving measurable increases in your company’s website traffic. 

At first glance, it’s a simplistic statement. However, upon further contemplation, it’s the very foundation for seeking PR and marketing assistance. BVM’s founders and team members have worked at large PR agencies and managed PR agencies through large corporations. We have come to the conclusion that it’s more valuable to you and—us—to be measured on performance and not billed as time card hours!


    Your product launch, thought leadership or byline should never be measured by a series of billable hours. BVM looks at these tasks differently, they are a firm deadline, anchored by dependencies, that must be met on all fronts by joint team efforts. 

    If you think this is not a typical PR agency “philosophy,” you are correct. We thank you for not aligning us with them—we are the needed evolution to an outdated marketing framework. 

    Give us a call, We’ll tell you more about our unique approach!