Scroll the website copy of any PR or marketing agency and you will find terms such as focused, committed and passionate applied to the company’s client work. Welcome to the mundane and obvious!

At BVM, we consider these terms table stakes. Of course, you expect these traits from your contracted team, these are not unique attributes to be called out. When considering a partner to help with your services, you want to know:

  • Their skillset.
  • How they integrate and their ability to work as an extension of your company.
  • If they have knowledge of your existing CRM and sales automation systems.
  • How much experience they have with your particular offering.
  • If they truly understand the journalistic landscape applicable to your product or service.
  • How deep/current their website creation, SEO and SEM knowledge is.
  • If they follow the latest changes in Google search algorithms and can they successfully apply these changes to your searches. 

We provide an intelligent team with decades of experience working as a seamless extension to our clients’ in-house communication and marketing employees. BVM brings the knowledge and counsel to realize when to pivot and capitalize on emerging industry directions while avoiding the short-term trends that will distract and confuse your customer base. 

If you’re not receiving a well-thought-out and blended approach to marketing services, perhaps it’s time to give today’s modern approach a test.

Public Relations

Today’s journalistic landscape is fragmented and yesterday’s approach to earned media will not necessarily yield the full results expected. Many of the seasoned journalists no longer reside at the best publications; now they are freelance writers while others have jumped to the corporate side. This means you can expect fewer stories realized from reporter interviews and more byline opportunities. How does a modern PR practitioner approach media today?

BVM has a proven approach that blends earned media with the SEO boost of well-written bylines. We decode today’s journalistic landscape by rating online publications/postings according to domain and page authority while giving an additional, weighted average to those sites which publish a backlink to your site or more importantly—your products or services. This ensures we concentrate on the most valuable placements to drive measurable traffic to your website.

Are you receiving a random list of press hits with no goals mapped against sales campaigns?  Give BVM a call, let’s bring you a more intelligent and beneficial means to PR.

Web Design / Development

When is a website like a cake?  When it looks great on the surface, but what lies beneath the frosting is dreadful! We often find many websites that match this description and company owners that have no idea of the extent Google is penalizing them for mistakes. 

There is really only one search engine you need to conform your website coding too, and that’s Google. Each year, Google makes hundreds of changes to search algorithms. In 2018, they reported an incredible 3,234 updates; some not particularly significant, others are major algorithmic updates such as Panda and Penguin, which will greatly impact your search results in a big way!

Is your selected webmaster following all these changes and applying them to your site or are they simply adjusting content and swapping out pictures? In terms of how Google ranks your website, what you don’t know will indeed hurt you.

Having doubts about your site? Give BVM a call to diagnose your website, we’ll tell you the Good, Bad and Ugly status.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many know the term, few know the full scope and power of what it can do. Well-executed SEO is a powerful enabler that can make the smallest company push the largest corporation onto the second page of an organic Google search. But it must be done methodically to be correct, results shared with SEM, PR, and copywriters. Is your SEO asking/following:

  • Are pages on the website “complaining” about linking, links to http pages vs. https?
  • Are the top search terms added into the footers?
  • Are any 404, 500 and https issues all being cleaned up?
  • Are the goal competitions up or down and what percent is organic search?

Any agency skilled in the SEO arts will tell you, “this is not an overnight fix.” In addition, they need to demonstrate through monthly reports the progress or decline of key terms as well as a plan to adjust for goal achievement.

Let’s show you what a true SEO program can do for your search results. Contact us to evaluate your program.


If your ad campaigns are not architectured correctly, you will be paying too much—way too much! At BVM, we often find campaigns bloated with extremely high cost-per-conversion (CPC) rates, click through rates well below industry averages and poor ad/content images. SEM is not a stagnant endeavor, it’s a dynamic process that must be constantly tweaked and tuned. Google likes when companies are paying too much for auctions—BVM does not!

Do your ad campaigns include perpetual:

  • Auditing of all keywords. 
  • Pausing non-converting or high cost-per-conversion keywords and match types.
  • Updating all Display and Display Remarketing campaign ads for optimal performance.
  • Continued weekly optimization maintenance on the AdWords account.
  • Tagging of chat systems to complete conversions.

If this is not your norm, perhaps you need a “new normal.” 

Call us to evaluate your ad program against today’s best practices…you may be shockingly surprised to learn the results.

Social Media Marketing / Management

Posting, sharing, following, and likes are the mechanics of social media. The most junior-level PR associate can claim years of experience doing this. But you don’t want a junior-level PR associate, you want a seasoned professional who will ask:

  • What products and services will drive this quarter’s revenue?
  • Which landing pages need a boost in visitors?
  • What are the top companies and decision-level executives your sales teams are pursuing?
  • Are you using a CRM or sales automation tool and what campaign codes need to be assigned to posts?
  • How many whitepapers correspond to this quarter’s sales goals and are they posted to your site so we can promote the URL?

#YouHaveTheWrongAgency if they are not asking these questions. 

BVM has the experience to think past-the-post to seek the purpose—only by doing this will you realize quality, measurable site visits that turn into pipeline leads.

Give us a call, let’s evaluate your social media program against best practices.