BVM PR Refinement Program

Does your organization already have an internal public relations/communications person or team?

Not every organization needs to retain a PR agency on a full-time basis. Some companies just need a plan. The BVM PR Refinement Program enables you to enhance your existing PR program to reflect today’s most advanced techniques and initiatives.  Your team will have access to our specialized staff of high-tech communications experts and we’ll develop a 6-month plan enabling your in-house team to get the maximum benefits from your PR efforts and investments.  This program includes:

  • Half day, onsite consultation:
    • The BridgeView Team will meet with the business owners and/or communications team members to review current PR/Marketing collateral, website, social media, events, campaigns, competitors, strategies, customers, case studies, press releases, webinars, demand-generation programs, etc.
    • We’ll learn from your team what has been done, what has worked, what has not – and most importantly, where you want to be in 6 to 12 months.
    • We’ll identify and learn about your business objectives and goals – how do you want to be positioned in the market?
    • We’ll develop a list of organic keywords that need to be strategically integrated into all copy including press releases, social media posts, collateral, landing pages, etc. This will help you to convert your PR program into a lead-generation machine.
    • We’ll identify new and existing, local and national, as well as vertical markets where you need to be visible.  
    • We’ll identify your PR wish list (i.e., awards, contributed stories, speaking opportunities, lead-generation programs through PR, etc.).
    • We’ll explore and refine your social media programs activities.
    • We’ll provide Instruction for integrating your PR and social media programs with inbound marketing, copy writing and web SEO.  These programs need to work in tandem.
    • And more!
  • Based on this information, the BridgeView Marketing Team will strategize and develop a six-month PR/Marketing timeline and creative strategy that will include:
    • Direction (and a sample optimized release) for drafting fully keyword-optimized press releases, meeting best practices and enabling you to gain better visibility on the web.  
    • A full review or your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strength and effectiveness.   
    • Events Publicity Plans – best practices for getting the maximum results for your money spent at tradeshows.
    • Best practices and suggestions for leveraging customers – press releases, case studies, media pitches, social media, videos, etc.
    • Thorough analysis of your competitors’ communications programs and areas of coverage.
    • Review of your social media sites – recommendations for optimizing posts and leveraging relevant communities.
    • Full report on the performance of your website (visitors, how they are finding you, lead suspect list, one month comparison, etc.).
    • Analysis for integrating existing programs so that leads can be recognized.
    • Other recommendations that we identify along the way.

The package will include:

  • Full six-month communications plan
  • 1 media pitch script
  • 3 media lists – trade, financial and verticals
  • Six-month Editorial Calendar
  • Six-month Awards Opportunities calendar
  • Six-month Speaking Opportunities calendar
  • Recommended Events
  • Recommended Industry Associations to join
  • Social media strategy