Six Nines RFP Information Requirements


BVM was founded in 2006 to deliver a refined suite of integrated web development & SEO, content writing, and digital marketing services to national technology, data center, security, and energy companies. Our unique model and experienced team enable us to integrate all or a subset of these services to meet measurable sales and marketing goals.

Based on the project scope, we provide a knowledgeable team with decades of experience working as a seamless extension to our clients’ in-house communication and digital marketing employees. BVM brings the knowledge and counsel to realize when to pivot and capitalize on emerging industry directions while avoiding the short-term trends that will distract and confuse your customer base.

Many of our clients rely on BVM to manage their entire marketing and communication program while others need us for website development & SEO, CRM management, or digital marketing only. Even if we are only managing a single service, our clients have access to our entire team in a consulting capacity. Our clients always describe us as having a “get it done attitude” and our affordable anti-agency model rings true. We have no junior team members, our staff is always available to consult in any specific area of marketing, and we do not bill like lawyers. We stick to our contracted price regardless of the hours that go into the program.

  • 15-years of experience and a deep understanding of cloud migration, security, dev ops automation, and more allowing us to ramp immediately.
  • No junior team members. The majority of the BVM Team has been together for over 10-years and have been in C-Level positions during their career.
  • Due to a remote working model since day one, our cost structure is 30% lower than competing digital marketing, content writing, and website/SEO firms.
  • We have worked with hundreds of the nation’s leading companies, many of which have global footprints. We are an established firm with references from the nation’s elite companies.
  • We have developed an integrated process including website development, design, digital marketing, CRM management, and PR that contributes to measurable lead development. We do some or all for each client, but regardless every client has access to our entire team for best practices guidance.
  • A senior partner is part of every client project or program team.


  • Creation of a new website in WordPress platform.
  • Upon selection of initial design, revisions will be provided to Six Nines until design is established.
  • Upon finalization of design, programming of the project will commence, including integration of Six Nines supplied text and pictures including any necessary customization.
  • The scope will include all required meetings to maintain a focused marketing direction.
  • We do not limit the number of pages, or custom pictures when we create your website. The website will be structurally developed for the web and mobile and all pages will be submitted through indexing to the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN).
  • Source code will be written to direct search engine “BOTS” and “SPIDERS” to travel through the website pages making the site friendly to all search engines and begin the page ranking process.
  • We will provide training for designated workers in the use of the site’s backend.
  • Initial code optimization and site audit fixes.
  • Build strategy for future redirect and 404 monitoring.
  • Decrease any extra load time if needed.
  • Minify and compress all external scripts.
  • Migrate any required scripts to tag manager.
  • Review Six Nines supplied project reporting system(s), future marketing plans and current marketing programs and review current relevant on-line client supplied reports and programs, if available.
  • Review with Six Nines measurable goals for site traffic analysis and develop SEO strategies so they are in line with Six Nines goals. Review and consult on current search and website traffic and user reports to identify any needed adjustments and or additional tracking reports. Consult on all possible latest changes to website, features and internet opportunities for greater SEO and website traffic.
  • Review current keyword identification on page, review copy for bolding, surrounding descriptive text, and link title tagging. Identify and execute changes per page.
  • Research additional relevant keyword phrases, review competitor sites then review all new keywords with Six Nines.
  • Consult on development of all current pages using existing site map and assign keyword phrases to the current pages. Insert keyword tags into text of every webpage as needed.
  • Consult on any needed additional content or pages for keywords not assigned but required for complete optimization.
  • Physically keyword optimize client site for organic search listings and keyword optimize Google Places (Google Maps).
  • Insert title and Meta tags into the source code of the website.
  • Develop a global footer system for inbound relevant links on all web pages. Review, suggest and assist in deployment of the footers using Google linking rules best practices. Review, suggest and inspect heading tags.
  • Create a reporting system for monitoring site indexing and search engine “Block Level Analysis”
  • Develop segmentation for Google Dashboard. Set specific goal conversions for search engine optimization.
  • Review needed social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Properly link to website as needed.
  • Consult and recommend additional reporting tools to measure onsite traffic flow and user conversion experience. Example: Heat mapping software for web pages, auto tellers, bounce remarketing software(s).
  • The goal is to achieve front page search term ranking for between 30-50 keyword phrases over Yahoo and MSN within 2 months, and within 5 months on Google. Increase to hundreds over long term efforts greater than one year. No limit in the number of required keywords or phrases. Does not include content development needed for any additional pages, product descriptions or supplied copy, copyediting. Prices will be quote separately as needed for this service if required.
  • Monthly review to identify any missing image alt text.
  • Monthly monitoring of site indexing and search engine “Block Level Analysis” to insure it is proceeding properly.
  • Ongoing maintenance of SEO includes regular weekly indexing of key search words and phrases with all major search engines, ensuring they stay on the first page or move towards the first page.
  • Review of any needed additional page adjustments, page additions keyword adjustments; inter-page linking to maintain traffic growth, keyword ranking growth and social media strategies with in-house or third-party personnel.
  • Monthly review and strategy meetings for dashboard and keyword placement reports. Using developed “keyword phrases” spread sheet developed in the setup phase, will tie in any new pages created for the site and any adjustments that are made with the on-page keyword identification on a weekly basis. This will include adding keywords from the spread sheet that were not used in the initial setup. Tie to developed marketing plans and programs monitor and adjust to achieve defined goals.
  • When required, additional weekly strategy meeting with project manager.
  • Advise on all facets of organic search optimization. Analyze and develop new keywords to enhance any needed SEO adjustments identified in the review meeting(s).
  • Work with in-house marketing to ensure SEO and linking best practices are followed, content additions are completed, and optimization goals are met for all online marketing.
  • Consult on enhancement of inter-site and on page linking strategies.
  • Review and suggest competitive client sites for keyword and optimization strategies Review, suggest and inspect competition deep linking and develop a strategy and implement a solution on an ongoing basis.
  • Review, suggest and inspect inbound linking, inspect dynamically displayed revolving content on internal and homepage of site (this is based on SEO strategies and will be adjusted based on the monthly reports).
  • Does not include content development needed for any additional pages, product descriptions or supplied copy, copyediting. Prices will be quote separately as needed for this service if required.
In most cases, set-ups are finished within 30 days. Once set-up’s are complete, we begin the monthly maintenance segment of the service.


  • Build / Modify Google tag manager.
  • Add all required third-party and Google tracking systems.
  • Identify and build all required triggers for clickable elements.
  • Build event tags to track all triggers.
  • Consult on any required changes to the website to streamline future trigger and tag creation.
  • Ensure proper set up.
  • Create landing pages for PPC (if applicable).
  • Create landing pages for LinkedIn.
  • Create custom campaign level landing pages.
  • Create marketing automation email distribution.
  • Create one-time emails.
  • Assist in lead scoring.
  • New page additions
  • Post News
  • Post Awards
  • Post Blogs
  • Take care of code updates
  • Process all redirects
  • Fix any 404 issues
  • Fix any java conflicts
  • Monitor Overall Site health
  • Development of technical, industry and executive content to support SEO and AdWords (if applicable).
  • Items may include but are not limited to case studies, by-lined articles, website content, and positioning papers.
  • All BVM written pieces will be in line with Six Nines’ SEO and PPC keywords and will be designed to drive traffic to measurable website landing pages.
  • Backlinks will be included where applicable.


  • A world-class website that will rival competitors in the IT consulting and cloud migration market.
  • Relevant code for search engines promoting increased search visitors.
  • Adherence to the latest mobile principles.
  • New, relevant look and feel.
  • 100% updated to latest code sets for security.
  • Visual management system build.
  • Easy to use, internal site administration including training provided by BVM.
  • Increased followers via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Enhanced visibility into marketing process via regular SEO and social media progress reports.
  • Solid foundation for a truly automated marketing and lead-generation program.

Case studies and examples of work that relate to Six Nines’ needs and/or the tech/cloud industry.

BVM’s approach to creative production.

BVM was founded in 2006 and we are proud to have a blend of world-class employee and contracted talent across website design, SEO, content writing, SEM, digital marketing, and PR. Our core team has been together since the beginning and we have continued to add C-Level operators as the industry has evolved e.g., Google algorithms, new social media platforms, code optimization, new mobile web methods, optimized writing techniques, etc. We have no junior team members and we have had less than 1% turnover since we started. We secure the best talent for modern, integrated web, digital marketing, and PR and we challenge them to stay ahead of the curve.

BVM is a great fit for Six Nines for the following reasons:

We began working with Six Nines by way of recommendation (Scott Abney) in July 2021. During that time, we were focused on the following items, but the decision was made hold on certain items until a new marketing lead e.g., you, were hired to define the proper marketing focus for the company. Therefore, we were only able to execute on the first four bullets:

  • Website Custom Design
  • eBook Development and Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Development
  • SEO Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Code Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO Maintenance
  • HubSpot Maintenance and Consulting

We have only worked with technology clients since 2006 and we understand Six Nines cloud-focused business completely. This is critical when writing website, social media, and digital marketing content as we understand Google certifications and how they apply to high-tech websites.

We have already built a WordPress website for Six Nines. This can be moved to a different platform if required, but the site is built. From here, we are looking at strategy and design sessions to adjust content, look & feel, user journey & experience, navigation, etc. We are already 60% ahead of the game. Plus, Six Nines has paid for this which will decrease our overall budget.

Because we have a C-Level team that focuses on consulting and strategy for website, SEO, digital marketing, PR, and design for technology-focused companies, we have a tremendous amount of internal knowledge across every aspect of building a successful digital marketing and sales program.

This sounds like a greeting card, but it is the truth. We only take on a certain number of clients and they need to be the right clients! We understand Six Nines’ business and we are aligned with the strategies that are presented in this RFP. We have an experienced team of eighteen people allowing us to assist in every aspect of you marketing program.


Client References.

Bernd Harzog, CEO
APM Experts
[email protected]
Current Client

Note: Bernd is a well-recognized Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Expert who owns his own consulting firm. He has brought us into numerous companies including Matilda Cloud, a site which we built and recently launched. We are also currently writing or rewriting all their product documents, case studies, etc., under Bernd’s direction.


David Fizer, Managing Partner
Mission Cyber Group
[email protected]
Current Client 

Note: David worked with BVM at Anexinet (longtime and still BVM client), then left and brought us into Eurofins U.S., then started his own security firm. We built their website, wrote their content, designed their logo, and we continue to write all their content and maintain their website.

Estimated billing/pricing overview, includes pricing model and applicable rates & fees.


Website Custom Design:

  • $4,000.00 (does not include costs for stock images and content development is required will be billed at .80 per word). Approximate Timeframe: 60-90 days pending timely approvals.

SEO Setup:

  • $6,000.00. Approximate Timeframe: 30-days on existing site and will be leveraged across new site when launched.

Google Tag Manager Setup:

  • $3,700.00. Approximate Timeframe: 30-days on existing site and will be leveraged across new site when launched.

Code Optimization:

  • $3,700.00. Approximate Timeframe: 30-days on existing site and will be leveraged across new site when launched.


Content Development:

  • .80 cents per word; includes topic research, interviews, two rounds of edits, keyword, and backlink insertion where applicable.

Project Management (manage calls, reports, teams, follow up, etc.):

  • $350.00. Will begin at onset of engagement.

Website Maintenance:

  • Block of 10 hours* – $1,550.00. Will begin at onset of engagement.

Monthly SEO Maintenance:

  • $600.00. Begins after SEO Setup is completed, 30 days from initial engagement.

HubSpot Maintenance and Consulting:

  • Block of 10 hours* – $1,550.00. Will begin at onset of engagement.