How To Invest In Backlinks For Higher PR Dividends

PR agencies aren’t spending 100% of their time pitching the news anymore–they’re spending 50% of the time writing it. When an editor comes back to your PR rep and says, “I’d be happy to review a byline by a company expert on the subject,” you don’t want to be caught without a good writer to whip up something to send over. With the right folks at an agency, all they’ll need is a short call with your subject matter expert to put together a compelling article. These bylines lead to backlinks that boost SEO by linking credible websites to your products and services.


Who is BVM?

Formed in 2006 and building up our agency during the last recession of 2008-2009, BVM abolished the traditional expensive PR agency pricing by cutting it in half and doubling the services. Why? Because businesses required it! We kept our costs down by creating a virtual office with a professional work-at-home staff—10 years before corporations realized they could successfully do the same. To support our clients, we brought on a best-of-breed software stack that allows us to place, track, and monitor client press. The net result was the formation of a better PR agency for the right moment in time. We are purpose-built for these challenging environments and today, we are doing it again with PRaaS!