It is an understatement to say that COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on virtually every area of our lives. It is through these unprecedented times that our resolve is tested as we temporarily curb life’s daily routines and conduct remote business functions with the aim of virus containment and risk mitigation.

As you adhere to your local restrictions that promote safer, daily interactions, you and your families are in our continued thoughts for good health.

Even though today’s headlines seem to be the harbinger of never-ending bad news, BridgeView Marketing wants to ease any anxiety you may have with regard to your PR/marketing services. 

We will not miss a beat servicing your account! 

Simply put, our business model—by default— is specifically designed to adapt our employees for home working environments. For nearly a decade, our PR professionals have been leveraging laptop unified communications and cloud-based Google documents as communication tools that help us amplify our clients’ branding and image—from anywhere the internet touches. BridgeView’s IT stacke is ahead of the curve because we leverage and adopt the IP our clients sell and service, giving us an in-depth understanding of the technology. In addition, this has allowed us to create the ideal family and work balance that pays high dividends in the form of exceptional services—at a fraction of the traditional PR agency costs. 

This pandemic will test the business continuity at many PR agencies, but BridgeView Marketing will not be among them. We remain at your service to assist with any communication needs you may have.


Your BridgeView Team